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Focus on prevention for staff, clients, and their pets

By now we are all aware of the impact the coronavirus is having as it spreads in our community and beyond. Animal Ophthalmology Clinic is committed to providing continued care for your pet’s ophthalmic needs in a safe and effective manner as we navigate this rapidly evolving situation.

At present we are working continuously to disinfect the hospital in accordance with the current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control. We are using personal protective equipment (gloves and masks as indicated) to protect you as well as our staff. Handwashing hygiene is foremost in our prevention and control strategy, as well as respecting social distancing recommendations of six or more feet wherever possible. We are ensuring our staff knows they will be supported and provided flexible sick-leave if they fall ill or need to self-quarantine at any point.

Safety precautions currently in place for clients and their pets

We are encouraging all clients to take advantage of “curbside” check-in for their appointments. A technician will meet you at your vehicle to discuss your pet’s history and updates in their medical condition, then take your pet into the hospital for their examination. The doctor will call you with exam results and to answer all of your questions. Please call us from the parking lot as you arrive and we will send a team member to take care of your pet. We are also able to collect payment over the phone (via credit or debit card) after you speak with your pet’s doctor.

Focus on emergencies and urgent medical needs

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has recommended that clinics limit appointments to those with urgent medical needs or emergencies. We are asking all clients with annual wellness or routine appointments to consider rescheduling to a later date. We also ask you to consider delaying elective surgical procedures until the virus and its impacts are better controlled. For your convenience, once the crisis has resolved we will call you to reschedule any cancelled appointments, and we will work hard to accommodate all appointments in a timely fashion.

What to do if you are ill and your pet needs care

If you are currently displaying any signs of illness such as fever, malaise, cough, or shortness of breath, please stay at home and make arrangements for a healthy friend or family member to bring your pet to the clinic. We also ask that if you have recently travelled to a “high-risk” area, please do not come to the hospital unless your pet is experiencing a medical emergency.

We are available for you even without a trip to the hospital

We are continuing our daytime phone availability for consultations and questions, as well as daytime email communications ( where we can receive pictures. Our usual 24/7 on-call services for emergencies (214-926-1226) are available to clients and referring veterinarians.

What if my pet needs medications or refills?

We are flexible in accommodating your pet’s ongoing medication needs during this challenging time. Refills of current medications can be mailed to your home. For medications dispensed directly from the hospital, we are strongly encouraging owners to allow us to bring their medications to their vehicles, versus entering the hospital.

Responding to the situation as it develops

If the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread in Dallas and the clinic is closed for the safety of our staff and patrons, we will be available for consultations via phone and email. Of course we will keep you informed as we receive direction from national, state and local agencies as well as the AVMA.

For more information about COVID-19 and your pets

At this time there is no evidence that dogs or cats can be infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus or spread it to people or other animals.

Ensuring continuity of care for your pet in the face of these schedule changes is a top priority. We will make every effort to schedule you with the doctor that already knows your pet, but please be understanding if limitations arise regarding specific doctor availability.

Here at Animal Ophthalmology Clinic our animals are members of the family, and we know you value your pets in the same way. We are committed to preserving everyone’s health and wellbeing while minimizing disruption to you, our valued clients. Please know we are here for you to answer questions and to provide continued care for the health of your pet’s eyes.

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Animal Ophthalmology Clinic: Statement on COVID-19