How We Partner with Your Veterinarian

The majority of cases seen at the Animal Ophthalmology Clinic are referred by a general practitioner. Optimal patient care requires mutual communication among the client, specialist, and referring veterinarian. Information from the referring veterinarian regarding the patient’s medical history, previous treatment, and specific medications used is beneficial in the diagnosis and management of the case.

When you leave the office, a complete written report is sent to your referring veterinarian. Please be sure that his or her proper name and address is given to the receptionist, so that the report is insured to be received by your doctor. Remember, your regular veterinarian will administer your pet’s primary health care for many years to come. The act of referring a difficult ophthalmic case exemplifies your veterinarian’s concern for your pet, and it is important to keep him or her informed as to the progress of your pet’s eye condition.

Refer A Patient